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 Phoenix Protective Services, Security Professionals protect the human,intellectual and physical assets  of our customers

and their visitors and guests.

PPS Security is committed to providing a full range of cutting edge technology and custom tailored security services to all our customers. Our security services are specifically designed to meet each customer's unique needs.  We have been proudly serving San Diego County for more than 15 years , providing private security 

to a large variety of customres with commitment & dedication. 

Security Concept


Phoenix Protective Services carefully assesses each client's

unique security requirements, ensuring that skilled security

professionals are matched most appropriately to specific role and responsibilities.

We take an intelligent approach to security services by maintaining high standards.

We exceed client expectations because we employ some of the best people, use cutting edge learning and development systems.

High Quality Services


  * Understanding that the safety and protection of our personnel and the personnel of our clients must remain our highest priority at all times.

* We deliver comprehensive security solutions of exceptional value through physical security survey's of each and every property.

* Unlike most security companies, we train our field supervisors and "Rovers" on your job site before we need them.

This ensures consistency and high quality  service.


Crowd control Services

• Protection and Deterrent from theft and Vandalism.

Random regular checks by officers in clearly marked PPS vehicles send the message that you take your security seriously.

• Recognition of Safety Hazards. As part of your site analysis, PPS staff identifies hazards and puts procedures in place to help provide a safer workplace.

• Increased Morale. The presence of security officers provides a great comfort to employees, which boosts morale, increases retention and makes your business more safe. 

• Real-time Reports. Advances in technology mean your Mobile officer can create a report on-site, alerting you instantly to any security issues.

• Peace of Mind. At the first sign of trouble, your Mobile officer will execute an appropriate response to help protect your employees, facilities and assets.

• Power Outages. In the event of a local or regional power outage, your Mobile officer will be alerted and back-up officers can be called up to cover your facility. 



If your alarm system is triggered, a quick response by a professionally trained patrol officer is critical. PPS Mobile Patrol officers are trained to know what to do in an emergency and how to limit damages.

Mobile Patrol changes the way we think about security as well as its price tag,

allowing clients on even the tightest budget to fully leverage PPS’s

vast resources and industry knowledge. Mobile Patrol clients have access to the same

professional services, and dedicated customer service as onsite guard clients.

 Mobile Security Patrol

 Armed Alarm Response

Onsite Security Guard Services













Armed Alarm response
Alarm response
Security Monitoring

GPS Tracking & Monitoring system


The greatest challenge for a security firm is being certain that their guards

are performing their duties properly. With "Guard Tour System" GS3200A,

we track, monitor and manage an entire security force in real time,

which enhances our performance and ensure a high quality service our

customer deserves. By remotely monitoring our officers locations and activity,

supervisors can immediately respond to inadequate performance,

address issues and take corrective action  in real time. 




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